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Member survey results – APR issue

October 14, 2010

Thanks to everyone who responded to the member survey on the proposed changes in the APR requirement for membership on the PRSA national board. This information was very helpful for the chapter board and assembly delegates as we discussed the issue. Here’s the quick overview.

Of the 80 respondents, there was a good range of experience in the profession and length of membership in PRSA, with perhaps more response from those who have been in the field for quite a long time.

Length of time working in the field of public relations:
0-5 years: 11%
6-10 years: 22%
11-15 years: 11%
16-25 years: 30%
26 years plus: 25%

The response was also split between those who hold the APR credential (44%) and those who don’t (55%).

The key question: should the APR credential be required for a leadership position at the national board level? The answer was yes for 62% of members while 38% said no.

I checked to see if the answers were very different between those who hold the APR and those who don’t. APRs were much more supportive – 77% said yes. But those who don’t have the credential were pretty closely split: 49% said yes and 51% said no.

There was not so much support for requiring the APR credential for leadership positions at the chapter level. There, only 32% said yes to the idea that board members of the local chapter should hold or obtain the APR credential during the term of a board position and 68% said no. Only a few more felt that officers of the local chapter should hold the APR – 37%, with 63% saying no.